Portable Sewing and Crafting Table

by claudia buchanan on 01/04/2013

New Portable Sewing and Crafting Table

I missed my favorite sewing and craft table after I retired and closed my Custom Drapery Workroom in January 2012.   Trying to create products on a ironing board is almost impossible; there’s no surface on which to pin or measure.

Three am one morning, the lights came on and ideas ran rampant! What do DIY sewer’s and crafter’s need?  How can they work in a small space and create beautiful window treatments, bedding, pillows, etc?  I found the answer; a portable table upon which you can measure, pin and press your projects!

Portable Sewing and Craft TableHere it is – The Portable Sewing and Crafting Table that fits on top of your ironing board or table.  It is made of wood with a foam core and heat resistant pad on the top.  The finished cover is a 22″ x 59″ Organic Duck Printed Cover that is individually fitted to each table.  The cover is printed with a 1″ square grid covering the width and length of the board.

When it arrives at your front door, just unpack it and place it on your ironing board or table.  Then it’s time to sew, craft, pin, press and measure your fabrics or projects.

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  • Sets on Table or Ironing Board
  • Style A has bottom guides fit standard Ironing boards 16” inside measurement
  • Style B made to fit European ironing boards 18 ½” inside measurement
  • Measure on 1” square grid
  • Pin project to surface 1 1/4” depth
  • Press or Iron – Insulated for high temps
  • Width 22”  Length 59”
  • Easy to Store in a closet

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Alice Smith July 14, 2014 at 12:35

I wondering is there have fabric with grid but I would like to order size 24″ x 40″ or 24″ x 54″. I have portable board to cover old iron board. I need that kind of fabric with grid. Do you have? How much cost?

Thank you
Alice Smith


Claudia July 17, 2014 at 11:50

Yes I can get printed grid fabric. In the past it has been printed 22″x59″. I just sent a email to the printer and will get back with you asap.


Nancy miller October 1, 2014 at 01:24

Do I need to register before I am able to purchase your ironing board craft table
Every time I try to order it tells me it can’t find the server and it says I’m not signed in.
How do I register?


Claudia October 8, 2014 at 23:10

Our store is http://www.homesewingdepot.com
Please give me a call at 623-878-7350


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