Natural Dyeing with Rust

by Angie Knowles on 12/02/2016

natural dyeing with rust using rusty metal objects

rusty metal objects

Have you ever wanted to create your own fabrics? But aren’t sure where or how to start.  There are so many different ways to create fabric that it can become overwhelming.  Well, natural dyeing with rust is a simple process that won’t take much to get started in.

Natural Dyeing With Rust

Natural Dyeing with Rust is an exciting process that can produce some unusual fabrics with great visual texture. And this process doesn’t take much in the way of expensive material and supplies, just a few common household items.

  • fabric
  • rusty metal objects
  • plastic/metal tray
  • plastic wrap

With these simple items you can create beautiful, one of a kind fabrics.

natural dyeing with rust, rust dyed fabrics, fabrics crerated with rust

rust dyed fabrics

To learn more about working with rust dyed fabrics, download a free ebook,  Natural Dyeing With Rust—Working With Rust Dyed Fabric.

natural dyeing with rust, natural dyeing with rust ebook


And if you want to go deeper into Natural Dyeing with Rust, subscribe to my blog Art Quilt Textiles to receive information about my upcoming video workshop, scheduled for release Feb 15, 2016.


Summer Trends Seersucker Fabric

by Claudia on 28/05/2014

Remember with Seersucker Fabric was so popular?Seersucker Table Cloth

Well it’s back!  Seersucker Fabric is use for sportswear, kids clothes and decorating your home.  You will find Seersucker fabric use for pillow, table wear, bedspreads and even summer draperies.

Seersucker Fabric is usually 100% cotton, so it will breath when you wear it.  Seersucker was popular years ago for only summer wear but now it is great for climates like Arizona and Florida where it is summer most of the year.    When decorating with Seersucker fabric it tends to feel cottage, country or beach.  Clean and cool and will lighten the room when using it for draperies, curtains or bedding.

How to Make a Napkin Ring I found these Napkin rings on Martha Stewart Living and wanted to share the instructions with you.  You can just down load them and make them in just a few hours.  Such a easy way to add a summer feel with dinner or lunch with the girls.  You can actually make them with Seersucker fabric scrapes from other summer projects.  Along with the napkin rings you will of course want to add the napkins and table cloth.   If you have more time left at the end of the day, why not make summer slipcovers for your cushions and patio furniture.  You can just add the slipcovers when entertaining.  Instructions for Seersucker Napkin Rings

Seersucker fabric is makes great bedding because it is light weight and wicks moisture (meaning –  would draw that moisture from your body to the fabric and keep you drier and cooler).   It is easy to care, machine washable and dryer with no ironing… Yeah!  It has a crinkle to the fabric that is a natural instinct of seersucker fabric.  It comes many colors and patterns for fun sewing.  Typically it is available in strips, solids and plaids so it is a fun fabric to use as a accent of blend colors together.

Just a few more Seersucker ideas for you:

Seersucker Pillow Sleeves Rag Wreath Botique on Etsy Seersucker BeddingSeersucker Fabrics



Table Cloth photo - Home is where the boat
Napkin Rings by Martha Stewart living
Wreath  Rag Wreath Boutique on Etsy
Seersucker Party Ideas by Suzanne of Fanciful Events


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