Clear Plastic Split Rings

by claudia buchanan on 27/12/2017

How to Use Clear Plastic Split Rings for Shades and Valances

Repinned via Debra Phillips@5thandstate.blogClear plastic split rings are used to connect the rings on the back of Balloon Shades, Austrian Valances or London Shades.

When fabricating shades and window treatments small plastic rings are sewn vertically to the length of the shade and approximately 8-10 inches apart.  The rings are horizontally placed approximate 12-24 inches apart depending on the style of shade or valance and the size of the window  being fabricated.

Using the clear plastic split rings, connect the vertical rings together creating a balloon affect with the fabric.  When spacing the sewn rings 12 to 15 inches from the outer edge you will create a London Shade.

The clear plastic split rings can be used at the bottom of a shade to connect the fabric folds together but can not be used to raise and lower the shade.   The plastic split rings are use to connect the layers when fabricating a London Shade also.

Below are photos of ring placement on pleated and shirred shades with a balloon style bottom.

Balloon Shade Ring Placement from Rowley Shade BookSide Hem with sew on rings
Photos from Rowley Shade book and Sunset Curtains, Draperies & Shades.Clear Plastic Split Rings




Here are a few tips to using the clear plastic split rings for balloon and London shades.

Lay your balloon, face down, on a table or the floor, and notice the horizontal rows of rings sewn in the back of the curtain. Slip one of the split rings onto each of the attached rings along the bottom row of rings.
Using the split rings now attached to the bottom row of rings, slip each split ring onto the next ring above. Repeat this process, moving up one ring at a time, until your curtain reaches the desired length.
Gather the balloon treatment onto your curtain rod, mount the rod on the brackets, and then arrange the balloon treatment evenly, side to side.
Dress out each section of your balloon treatment from behind to achieve desired look.

This balloon window treatment can also be mounted onto a board to attach against the wall with L Brackets.

London Shades and Valances

London Shades








It is always good to have a few extra plastic split rings on hand, even if they are UV protected the sun will make them brittle after a few years and it is much easier to replace them if you have them in storage.  You can find the White and Clear Plastic Split Rings under Shade Supplies at our Online Store.

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Easy DIY Drapery Pleat Pins

by Claudia on 16/12/2017

Life is Easy with DIY Drapery Pleat Pins. So excited to share this great new product.  You now can change the look of any ready made drapery or custom drapery by using the new Drapery Pleat Pins.  Just measure, assemble and hang.  Lots of color options with Drapery Pleat Pins.

Red Drapery Pleat Pins

Ready for any Drapery Panel, Drapery Pleat Pins

Pleating and hanging drapes with PLEAT PINS is fast and easy. There is NO SEWING and no special equipment required. The drapery panel header is punched with pairs of holes to accommodate the thumbscrews, which are screwed by hand, into the loop component of the PLEAT PINS. The fabric is gripped between the loop component and the perimeter of the thumbscrew head.

The PLEAT PIN accommodates fabric of any texture, thickness or weight, up to 10 pounds per PLEAT PIN, to form precise and generous pleats.

The pleats remain parallel from the header to the hem and are appropriate for modern and classic interiors – both formal and informal. The resulting refined, tailored look makes PLEAT PIN drapes the perfect window treatment for today’s interiors. The drapes retain a classic pleated look whether open or closed.

The ability to quickly assemble, hang up and take down the drapery panels allows for easy changing or laundering. The panels themselves remain flat when removed so they can be more efficiently cleaned and pressed than typical panels where the pleats are sewn in the header.

The size of the pleats can be adjusted to accommodate the width of the drapery panel. The vertical side edge of the drapery panel can return as usual or the last pleat can be rolled around to the back to be captured by the adjacent PLEAT PIN forming a clean and substantial tubular end finish.

The PLEAT PINS remain perpendicular to the rod when the drapes are pulled and since only a small surface area rests on the rod, they slide easily when opening or closing. This is not the case with grommets, which turn when pulled, making movement difficult.

PLEAT PINS can be fabricated in any color. They can be opaque or transparent, clear or tinted, smooth or frosted or pearled with a gloss or frosted finish. They can be plated with any metal in a matte or high gloss finish.

Set of 10 Pleat Pins

Made for Rod Sizes:  5/8″ – 3/4″ – 7/8″ – 1″

Actual Pin Measurements: Ring Width 1 1/8″ – Height 3 1/8″ – Base Width 1 3/4″


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