Angie Knowles

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Angie Knowles Slipcover Professional and Owner of Quick Pleater

Angie Knowles started sewing at the early age of nine, the summer between 5th & 6th grade at a summer recreation program.  The next three summers found me back at the program, sewing again.  Since then I have logged in countless hours at the sewing machine, enjoying every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute; there were some occasions when I could have thrown the machine out the window. In 2000 I made my first slipcover and shortly after attended a four day professional slipcover class.  As soon as I returned home from the class I opened my custom slipcover business.  In 2004 I started teaching at the annual Slipcover Summit and rediscovered how much I enjoy teaching.  My love of teaching is what inspired me to start Sew It Yourself Slipcovers.   The purpose of Sew It Yourself Slipcovers is to help you achieve your goal of making professional looking slipcovers, even though we may be worlds apart. Enough of me, time to meet the other contributors to Sew It Yourself Slipcovers.

Perfect Pleats Every time

Quick Pleater - Make Perfect PleatsDo you struggle with sewing perfect pleats? Then you absolutely, positively must have the Quick Pleater!  With the Quick Pleater tools you will be making perfect pleats in no time flat!

No Manual Needed!

The Quick Pleater is so easy to use, you don’t need a manual to use it. All you have to do is insert fabric between the tines of the Quick Pleater, turn the pleater toward you, and stitch. With the Quick Pleater tool, knife and box pleats, any kind of pleats are so much easier. The Quick Pleater come in 6 sizes.  The small set makes 1/2″, 3/4″ , and 1-inch pleats.  And the large set makes 2-, 3-, and 4-inch pleats. Watch the video on this page and you’ll see how simple it is. Why sweat it out the hard way when you can sew perfect pleats every time! Sew! what are you waiting for! Get your Quick Pleater now!