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New Quilting and Sewing Tools!

Perfect Mothers Day Gift
I love sewing charm Free I Love Sewing Charm with 24″ Folding Ruler.  Order by May3, 2016

A Must Have for Home Dec Sewing and Quilting

New Folding Square Ruler which was created from the idea of the old time framing square. You can square up corners, make triangles, bias strips, squares, and much more. Comes with instructions.

24 Inch Folding Square Ruler

24″ Easy Square. Mitered corners.
Made of Poly-carbonate in the USA
Fits every sewing and craft need.
Fine lines for accuracy.
Black graphics printed on the under side of the ruler to prevent shadows and distortions with measurements.
Won’t Chip, Crack or Break!

Great Lighting! The Better to Sew With My Friends

Sewing with extra light is so important, our new sewing lights make closeup views much easier.

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NEW Ring Locks and Forever Clear Rings for Safe Roman Shades

Ring Locks Instructions New!  Ring Locks for Child Safe Roman Shades are easy to use and you can also retro fit all of your present shades and roman shades with the new safe ring locks.  Watch the video on our blog and the new ring locks can be purchased in packages of 15 or 100 at  

You can download the complete instructions on the blog.



 Discover how easy it is to sew home decor  Room by Room.

Classes and videos on sewing draperies, roman shades, slipcovers, bedding and crafts for your home.

 Enjoy Sewing Online & Crafting Product Videos

  • Drapery Header Tapes, Weights, Buckram, etc
  • Roman Shade Instructions, Safe Cords, Cordless Shades
  • Sewing Pillows, Invisible Zippers, Hand Sewing, Embellishing
  • Using Upholstery Tools, Tufting, Foam Cutters, Stable Removers